Conversions & Substitutions


I live in Sweden and where baking is concerned, there are many differences between here, the UK and especially the US. I’ve particularly struggled at times to find handy, easy to understand conversions, and thought I would help you, my lovely readers, to not only convert my recipes to cups, but to also clarify some of the other terms/processes I use regularly.


Vanilla sugar pops up in almost all of my recipes, but I know that most other places regularly use vanilla extract or essence. We can get hold of vanilla extract here in Sweden but it is either synthetic or very expensive, and I think due to this, most Swedish recipes call for vanilla sugar. I’ve just got into the habit of using it, but working out how to convert it to extract or essence may feel a little confusing.  I really love the explanation found at Leaf TV, which should help clarify how you can adapt my recipe to what you have at home.


99.9% of the time I use fresh yeast in my bread. However, I am aware that fresh yeast is not available to everyone. I just prefer it in my doughy goods (the smell of fresh yeast is divine), but if you are using dried or quick acting, the conversions discussed at Make Bread and Doves Farm (UK – in grams) are clear and helpful.


I use grams when coming up with my recipes but as a huge percentage of my readers don’t, I use several conversions sites to work out my cup measurements (I prefer this as I worry about my own accuracy at home). The main two I use for regular ingredients are Doves Farm and Cook it Simply. For gluten free alternatives, I find the information on really helpful.

Lastly though, if you have the chance to buy some scales, I swear that weighing out ingredients is much more accurate and really helps for things like cakes when the chemistry has to be spot on.